Many Thanks to All Speakers and Participants

We had a wonderful time with exchanging research ideas by awesome researchers! I appreciate all speakers and participants. I especially thanks Prof. Xavier Fresquet for all his support to make this event successful.


Sorbonne Center for Artificial Intelligence, Sorbonne University and Institute for Datability Science, Osaka University are both young research/educational institutions responsible for AI and data science, and we are sharing the same mission of facilitating interdisciplinary research and education.

This is the first edition of SCAI-IDS Joint Workshop for (i) exchanging research/educational ideas cultivated in the course of each of our activities and for (ii) incubating future collaboration of SCAI and IDS on AI and data science in various disciplines. As a starter, we focus on AI and humanity, and cutting-edge researchers from both institutions who are actively working on this topic will give us wonderful talks.

This workshop is based on the Comprehensive Academic Exchange Agreement between Sorbonne University and Osaka University concluded in May 2020.


Venue: Online (Zoom)
Date: October 18, 2021
Time: 9:00a-12:00 (France), 4:00p-7:00p (Japan)

9:00a/4:00p Opening I
Prof. Takao Onoye, VP Osaka Univ, Director of IDS
9:05a/4:05p Opening II
Prof. Serge Fdida, VP Sorbonne Univ.
9:10a/4:10p Introduction of SCAI
Prof. Xavier Fresquet, SCAI
9:30a/4:30p Introduction of IDS
Prof. Hajime Nagahara, IDS
9:50a/4:50p Buddha Face Analysis
Prof. Benjamin Renoust, IDS
10:20a/5:20p Medieval Manuscripts Illustrations
Prof. Victoria Eyharabide, SCAI
10:50a/5:50p AI and Art
Prof. Noa Garcia, IDS
11:20a/6:20p French Newspapers and Vision
Dr. Pierre Carl Langlais, SCAI
11:50a/6:50p Closing I
Prof. Genta Kawahara, VP Osaka Univ.
11:55a/6:55p Closing II
Prof. Xavier Fresquet, SCAI

For Speakers

We allocated 20 minutes for introductions of respective institutions. There should be a rich set of questions and answers about how interdiscplinary collaborations are facilitated in SCAI and IDS; however, we may keep them for the next (hopefully, in-person) venue and have only a few quick ones.

For main speakers with a 30-minute slot, it would be nice to reserve 5 minutes or more for question answering within the slot.


Yuta Nakashima, Osaka University