With the success of the first edition of the SCAI-IDS joint workshop in 2021, we keep moving forward for (i) exchanging research/educational ideas cultivated in the course of each of our activities and (ii) incubating future collaboration of SCAI and IDS on AI and data science in various disciplines. In this second edition, we focus on AI and medicine, and cutting-edge researchers from both institutions who are actively working on this topic will give us wonderful talks. In addition to this, this edition of the workshop features research communication between students at both institutes for further cultivating bottom-up collaborations.

This workshop is based on the Comprehensive Academic Exchange Agreement between Sorbonne University and Osaka University concluded in May 2020.


Day 1


  • 10:00 Opening I - Welcome to SCAI (Prof. GĂ©rard Biau, Director of SCAI)
  • 10:05 Opening II - Thanks from IDS (Yuta Nakashima)
  • 10:10 Introduction to SCAI (Dr. Xavier Fresquet, Deputy Director of SCAI)
  • 10:25 Introduction to IDS (Prof. Hajime Nagahara)

AI and Medicine 1

  • 10:40 Transformers for medical image analysis (Nicolas Thome, SU)
  • 11:00 Explainability matters in medical applications (Yuta Nakashima, IDS)
  • 11:20 AI and diagnosis support in colon capsule endoscopy (Andrea Pinna, SU)


  • 11:40 Lunch together

AI and Medicine 2

  • 13:30 Probability-based machine learning and medical applications (Prof. Hideaki Hayashi, IDS)
  • 13:50 Interactive machine learning: Design and applications (Dr. Baptiste Caramiaux SU)
  • 14:10 3D cell reconstruction from multi-focus microscopy image (Prof. Hajime Nagahara, IDS)

PhD Student Session

  • 14:40 Inference time evidences of adversarial attacks for forensic on Transformers (Hugo Lemarchant, IDS)
  • 14:50 Estimating the registration error of MRI brain data based on regression U-Net (Student at SCAI)
  • 15:00 Gait Spoofing: Generation of Fake Gait Silhouette Sequence from a Single Photo with Masterization (Yuki Hirose, Grad. School of Eng.)
  • 15:10 Multimodal representation learning for precision medicine (Louis Simon, SCAI)
  • 15:20 Deep sensing for compressive video acquisition (Michitaka Yoshida, IDS)
  • 15:30 Image Analysis with hybrid AI for digestive endoscopy (Garance Martin, SCAI)

Free Discussion

15:40 Free disucssion


  • 16:40 Closing I (someone at SCAI)
  • 16:45 Closing II (Prof. Hajime Nagahara, IDS)

Day 2

Lab tour

11:00-12:00 Lab tour to ISIR lab.