Message from Our Director

Takao Onoye
Executive Vice President of Research
Osaka University

With the dawn of the “big data” era, a massive amount of data is being generated every day, be it from our day-to-day lives, or from cutting-edge scientific fields. What sort of analysis is required to extract beneficial information from such enormous data sources? Furthermore, how can this be done in a sufficiently timely manner? These questions are critical to the future development of many scientific disciplines, and our society as a whole. In pursuing a better world for future generations, we believe the key is whether or not we can create, and subsequently utilize, new intellectual value from this data. We at Osaka University have established the Institute for Datability Science (IDS), with the chief aim of utilizing the wealth of data we have at our disposal. One core goal at IDS is the pursuit of a new scientific paradigm through “Datability.” This refers to the sustainable and responsible use of large data resources. In pursuit of this goal, we shall pioneer new academic disciplines in the domains of Life Science, Biomedical Science, Science and Engineering, and the Humanities, through sophisticated technologies of information science such as artificial intelligence, with the final goal of creating new social and economic value through interdisciplinary research projects. At IDS, we seek to build a highly productive working environment of co-creation and harmony, cultivating the next generation of scientists and engineers with “datability”.